Chandpur Tourist Spots and Attractions in Bangladesh

Chandpur Tourist Spots and Attractions in Bangladesh

Chandpur Tourist Spots are Angikar a liberation statue, Hajiganj Bara Mosque, Rupsa Zamindar Bari, and more. The place is famous for Hilsha Fish.

Chandpur is a district under the Chittagong Division of Bangladesh. It was part of the greater Comilla District until 1984. The district is situated in the east-central part of Bangladesh. It is located at the mouth of the river Meghna. River erosion is a common feature in this district. There are many interesting tourist places to visit. The Elisha (HILSA) Fish is popular here.

Chandpur Tourist Spots

The district has 7 Upazilas. They are Kachua, Chandpur Sadar, Faridganj, Matlab Uttar, Matlab Dakshin, Shahrasti, Haimchar, and Hajiganj. It has a famous archaeological heritage and relics. Here is the list of top tourist places of the districts according to Upazila.

  • Bakhtiar Khan Jami Mosque (Ujani, 1107 AH),
  • Jami Mosque at village Palgiri
  • Dighi and pata (stone slab) of Behula
  • Sree Sree Jagannath Dev Temple at Sachar (1870)
  • Dighi at Saharpar (Rahimanagar)
  • Manasa Mura
  • Math at Tulatali (sixteenth century)
  • Chandpur Sadar
  • Angikar a liberation statue
  • Begum Mosque (1812)
  • Kalibari Mandir (1878)
  • Math at Mathkhola
  • Naorai ashram
  • Naglingam plant in DC Bangalow
  • Chandpur Steamer River Port
  • River Research Institute
  • Faridganj
  • Neelkuthi at Sahebganj
  • Math Ashram at Lohagara
  • Rupsa Zamindar Bari
  • Rupsa Mosque
  • Matlab Uttar
  • Ludhua Zamindar Bari
  • Al-Wayesia Mosque at Farajikandi
  • Kalakanda Mosque
  • Mazar of Lengta Fakir at Badarpur
  • Mandir and Rath at Naori
  • Matlab Dakshin
  • Neel Kuthi at Munsifdi
  • Baraduara at Kashimpur
  • Shahrasti
  • Tomb and mosque of Shahrasti (R)
  • Dinbandhu Asrama
  • Sarbananda Thakur Asrama
  • Kali Mandir
  • Chowdhury Bari Fort at Nij Meher Sahapur
  • Maths at Naora
  • Paranpur and’ Barulia
  • Haimchar
  • Three domed mosque at Bhingulia
  • Hajiganj
  • Firozpur Mosque (1343 AD),
  • One doomed mosque at Suhilpur,
  • An old bridge on the Shailkhali Canal (sixteenth century),
  • Five doomed mosque at Alipur (1692)
  • Hajiganj Bara Mosque
  • Math at Bakila
  • homestead of Hari Shaha at Balakhali,
  • altar engraved with Bishnu statue at Alipur,
  • Akhra of Laxmi Narayan Jeu
  • Dariya Hayat (pond)
  • Dighi at Sreepur
  • Mazar of Ali Ekabbar Shah (R)
  • Alamgiri Mosque at Alipur

Transportation and communication

The traveler can go to Chandpur by Steamer, bus, and train. it takes 3 to 4 hours from Dhaka by Steamer or bus. Bus station name is Lakhsmipur. The launch Ghat is Maju Chowdhury’s Ghat. There is no airport in here.

Border and bounded By

  • Comilla and Munshiganj district to the north
  • Noakhali, Lakshmipur and Barisal districts to the south
  • Comilla district to the east, Shariatpur
  • Munshiganj and Meghna River to the west

Weather / Temperature

  • Highest average temperature: 34.3°c Celsius
  • Lowest average temperature: 12.7°c Celsius.
  • An average amount of rainfall:2551 mm.
District Travel and Tourism Information for Travelers
Area 1,645.32 Square Kilometers
Main River Dakatia, Meghna, Dhonagoda, Motlab, Udhamdi
Geo Position / Location 23.2139°N 90.6361°E
Division Chittagong Division
Country Bangladesh
Nearest Airport Dhaka
Postal Code 3600
NWD Code 0841
ISD Code 0088
Currency Taka (BDT)
BD Govt. Website




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