Tinap Saitar Waterfall at Rowangchhari Upazila in Bandarban

Tinap Saitar Waterfall at Rowangchhari Upazila in Bandarban

Tinap Saitar Waterfall ( তিনাপ সাইতার ঝরনা-জলপ্রপাত ) is a waterfall at Rowangchhari Upazila in Bandarban district, Bangladesh. It is one of the adventure tourist spots in Chittagong Hill tracks.

Tinap Saitar Waterfall

Tinap Saitar Waterfall is at Ruma Upazila in Bandarban. But tourist has to go through Rowangchhari Upazila. The waterfall has generated from the Paindu Saitar canal of Ruma. It is a long walking distance and good for tracking. During monsoon, the flow of this falls become robust.

How to Go

At first, the tourist has to go to Bandarban. Then by bus, he has to go Rowangchhari bus stand. It may take TK60.00. Time will take one and a half hours. From Rowangchhari, the traveler has to go Ronen Para. It is 23KM from  Rowangchhari. At Ronen Para, the traveler has to stay for one night and the second day at the morning the tourist can start for Tinap Saitar Waterfall. 5 to 6 walking hours may take to reach here. It will take a minimum of 9 to 11 hours to go and back.

The traveler must keep travel-guide on their journey. They are all in all of your travel time. The travel guide may take TK1000/- per day.

It is mandatory to take permission from the army camp. It means to list the visitor name at the army camp. So voter ID is required. foreign national need special permission from the Home Ministry.

The route follows like this:-

  • Bandarban>Rowangchhari Bus Stand> Rowangchhari Bazar> Army Camp>Dangu-para>Keplong Para> Paikkhong Para>Army Camp> Ronin Para>Debachara-para> Tinap Saitar.

Where to Stay

Two-night trackers have to stay at Ronning Para. The guide will arrange all the facilities for the food and lodging. The per-night stay will cost tk120.00 and per meal is TK120.00.

Guide Contact Number
  • PaTung – 01591146371
  • Palash Tongchongya – 01559218744 – 01838717735
  • Rual – 01558614363
Travel Tips
  • Do not track at the night time.
  • Luggage should be less weight.
  • Use a strick at the time of tracking
  • Use trekking shoes
  • Take Banana and Papaya on the road
  • Take less food at the time of travel
  • Do not forget to take a Binocular

See the Tinap Saitar Waterfall on YouTube. Bangladesh government official website of Bandarban district is www.bandarban.gov.bd




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