Tangail Tourist Spots and Attractions Bangladesh

Tangail Tourist Spots and Attractions Bangladesh
Tangail Tourist Spots are Atia Royal Palace, Karatia Landlord Home and more. Tangail sweet a Sharee are world famous.

 About Tangail

Tangail (টাঙ্গাইল) is a district (Zilla) under Dhaka Division. It is in the central region of Bangladesh. It was turned into a district on December 1, 1969.The district consists of 10 municipalities, 72 wards of these municipalities, 103 Union Porishods and 2431 villages. The place is famous for “Tangail Saree”. The place is notable also for:
  • Porabari Cham-Cham
  • Tangail Tater Saree
  • Bell metal Household product
  • Madhupur Pineapple
  • Seetal Pati (Hinganagar Village)
  • Bananas (Madhupur gor)
  • Jackfruit (Madhupur, Ghatail)

Upazilla / Thana / Sub – Districts

  • Basail
  • Bhuapur
  • Delduar
  • Ghatail
  • Gopalpur
  • Kalihati
  • Madhupur
  • Mirzapur
  • Nagarpur
  • Sakhipur
  • Tangail Sadar

Bordered and Bounded By

  • Jamalpur district on the north
  • Dhaka and Manikganj districts on the south
  • Mymensingh and Gazipur districts on the east
  • Sirajganj district on the west

Top List of Tangail Tourist Spots and Attractions

  1. Alenga Resort
  2. Bangbandhu Multipurpose Bridge
  3. Dokhla Rest House
  4. Jamuna Multi Purpose Bridge
  5. Ishamoti Lake
  6. Jamuna Resort
  7. Kumudiny Hospital
  8. Mawlana Bhashani Graveyard
  9. Madhupur National Park
  10. Mirzapur Cadet College
  11. Nagpur Chowdhury Bari
  12. Police Training Center
  13. Sagor Lake
  14. Tomal Gach (Tree) at Gupta Brindaban, Ghatail
  15. Upandra Sarobar
  16. Archaeological heritage and Historical Royal Palaces
  17. Ananda Lodge (আনন্দ লজ)
  18. Atia Royal Palace
  19. Chowdhury Lodge (চৌধুরী লজ)
  20. Dhonbari Royal Palace
  21. Karatia Landlord Home
  22. Mohera Jomidar Bari
  23. Vharatoshari Homes
  24. Zamindar Bari and Hinganagar Rajbari  (Delduar)
  25. Mazar / Tomb / Graveyard / Dargah / Mosque
  26. Atia Jame Mosque
  27. Hindus Temples and Mondirs
  28. Ghatail Sagordighi and Gupta Brindabon
  29. Hindu Paul Temple
  30. Modhupur Temple




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