Sonadia Island is a tourist haven for travelers at Moheshkhali Cox’s Bazar

Sonadia Island is a tourist haven for travelers at Moheshkhali Cox’s Bazar

Sonadia Island is a beautiful island in the Moheshkhali Upazila under Cox’s Bazar district. The area of the island is about 7 square kilometers.

About Sonadia Island

Sonadia Island is about 15 kilometers away from Cox’s Bazar. There is a canal between the Sonadia Island and Moheshkhali Island. There are sea beaches on three sides of the island. It makes the island a very attractive site for beach lovers. You will be able to various kinds of exotic birds in this area throughout the year. There are many small canals on the island. On both sides of the canals, there are hills. The combination of canals and hills will certainly fascinate you. There are about 2,000 residents on the island. The primary occupation of the people in the area is to catch fishes. They are also amicable. Not many crops grow on this island. The residents have to go to Moheshkhali to purchase rice and vegetables.

How to Go

The traveler has to reach Coxbazar at first to go to the site. There is an area named Kasturi Ghat in Cox Bazar. You will find both launches and speedboats in Kasturi Ghat. Get into one of the vehicles to reach Moheshkhali. From there, take a baby taxi to reach Ghatiavanga. Take a launch from Ghatiavanga to reach Sonadia. If you have sufficient money, you can hire a speedboat to go to Sonadia directly.

Hotels and Accommodations

You will have to stay in Cox’s Bazar for accommodation. There are many quality hotels and restaurants in Cox’s Bazar. You may consider the Nishorgo Hotel and Resort or Sea Princess Hotel. You will enjoy both local and sea foods.

Nearby Tourist Spots

You may consider Inani Beach, Moheshkhali Island, Laboni Beach, and Saint Martin Island for visiting.
Sonadia Island is a place of immense natural beauty. The visitors enjoy every moment in the island. We hope the above information will make your journey easy and comfortable.

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