Shoilo Propat Bandarban is a fascinating waterfall

Shoilo Propat Bandarban is a fascinating waterfall

Shoilo Propat located in Bandarban is one of the major tourist spots in Bangladesh. It is a fascinating waterfall that attracts travelers.

About Shoilo Propat Bandarban

The tourist spot is located in Milanchari which is four kilometers away from the town on the road to Thanchi. The site is carefully controlled and monitored by Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation. It is the most famous and visited waterfall in Bangladesh. The beauty of the waterfall doubles in the rainy season. Every year thousands of visitors come to visit the tourist spot because of its breathtaking beauty and attraction.

Major Attractions of the Tourist Spot

The tourist spot becomes attractive on the rainy season.

The level of water falling from the waterfall increases. Especially when waterfalls from the waterfall so vigorously, it creates a harmonious sound that will pacify you and make your mind calm. It is the right place to visit if you are filled with depression. You can visit the local market near to the waterfall where you will find many handicrafts that are sold by the local people.

Nearest Tourist Spot

There are many tourist spots very close to the waterfall. You may also pay a visit to the nearby mini safari park, zoo, and a hanging bridge. Near Megla, in Tigerpara, a tourist site named Nilachal has been created for the visitors by District Administration.

Transportation and Communication

The site is 481 kilometers away from Dhaka, and it may take up to 9 hours to reach the spot via Dhaka-Chittagong Highway. One may also reach the place by train. Many train services are available from Kamalapur Railway Station that takes people to Chittagong. From Chittagong, there are many bus and jeep services that take people directly to the spot.

Accommodation and Food

In Bandarban, there are two rest houses established by the government for the comfort of the visitors. One may stay there through early preservation by contracting with the officials. You will find quality local and foreign foods in these rest houses. In the local markets, you will find many delicious foods make by the tribes which you must try out.
There are some private hotels and restaurants where you can stay as well. They are very cheap and affordable as well. You may choose to stay in:

Sakura Hill Resort
Hotel Plaza
Hotel Sangu etc



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