Chandranath Temple Shitakunda Tourist Spot in Chittagong

Chandranath Temple Shitakunda  Tourist Spot in Chittagong

Chandranath Temple Shitakunda is about 40 km North-West of Chittagong. It is important for Hindu pilgrim and tracker in Bangladesh.

About Chandranath Temple Shitakunda

Usually, the city houses corporate offices, leaving its dwellers a life with full of stress. It gives the hapless urban people nothing than a complete package of obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. Finding no other way, they go out of their residences to discover a land adorned with a bunch of hills, chilled air and spiritual feelings following the advice of medics.

They explore a dreamy place-Shitakunda-boasted of having its challenging trekking sites, marvelous scenic beauty, touchy heritage, history, and culture. The satellite town has two brave hearts–the Chandranath Hill, home to the Shitakunda Chandranath Temple, a famous pilgrimage refuge for Hindus, and the Eco-Park–widely known as significant tourist spots. Of them, one will give you holy pleasure while another will play with your heart.

Surrounded by various kinds of trees with greenery, Chandranath hill is on the eastern side of Shitakundaa where you will find the existence of a couple of temples atop the hill. Before reaching the hill top, you have to cross the narrow and zigzag trails what the tour becomes pretty challenging. It seems a walk on the cloud. Due to this spiritual gesture, the pilgrimage becomes a peaceful Adobe for not only the pious but the urban people gathers here to get relieved from their monotonous everyday work.

Apart from all of that, if you sometimes manage to go in the deep hill you can have a look a farming land on the hill, locally called Joom that, and a few flower gardens what are rare views in the city life. A few steps away from the peak, you will see a stunning waterfall pouring down cold, this blissful liquid to revive the adventurers from the tiresome trek.

During spring, this area turns a majestic look for the trees with new green, old red and yellow leaves. Meanwhile, you will see a mesmerizing blend of colors at noon and dusk as the sky adorns its cheek with blue and reddish-orange during the time.

Then the country’s first-ever Eco-park will receive you warmly. There is no doubt that the park will dazzle your eyes as it is filled with about 400 acres of lavish green fields, exotic biodiversity, plantations, and a stunning collection of flora and fauna.

If you aspire for living the long life with sound health and soul, make a quick visit to Shitakunda decorated with leafy hills, chilled air, and spiritual feelings. Very easy to land the heavenly spot as there are available bus services from Dhaka and Chittagong.

How to go Chandranath

Mainly buses are available from every district. It is on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway. Nearest Airport is Hazrat Sha Amanat in Chattagram. Train Communication are available.



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