Pirojpur Tourist Spots and Attractions in Bangladesh

Pirojpur Tourist Spots and Attractions in Bangladesh

Pirojpur Tourist Spots are Momin Mosque, Rayerkathi Royal Palace and much more. The place is famous for the cultivation of guava and Amra.

About Pirojpur District

Pirojpur is a district under Barisal Division. dc office is at Kawkhali. It is in south-western of Bangladesh. Son of Shah Shuja, Firoz Shah, died in this area, so the place is known as Firozpur then Pirozpur. The soil is fertile. The district Postal code is 8500.

The local port is called Hoolarhaat Launch Station (Ghaat). Buses, auto-rickshaws, and rickshaws are also used for transport. In 1984 Pirojpur declared as a district. Barisal and Gopalganj border the region to the north, Barguna to the south, Jhalokati and Barguna to the east, Bagerhat and the Sundarbans.

The main rivers are Baleshwar, Katcha, Kaliganga and Sandhya. The main business center of the town is Rajarhat. The town has one Dak bungalow.

Famous Pirojpur Tourist Spots

Here is the top list Pirojpur Tourist Spots. It has have been leveled according to Upazilas.

  • Pirojpur Sadar
    • Baleswar DC Park
    • Rayerkathi Royal Palace and Temple
    • Huler Hat River Port
    • Pirozpur University College
    • Baleshwar Ghat
    • Azim Farajir Mazar
  • Nazirpur
    • Floating Vegetable Garden
  • Nesharabad
    • Two Domed Mosque
    • Guava Orchard
    • Kurian Anukul Thakur Asaram
    • Sorupkathi Guava Garden(Largest in the country)
  • Kuthibari
    • Mothbaria Shapjora
  • Kumarkhali
    • Kali Mandir
  • Madbaria
    • Momin Mosque,
  • Others
  • Remnants of Kaurikhara Zamindarbari
  • The Mazar Of Sorsina Peer Saheb
  • Majherchar


Pirojpur district has seven Upazilas/Thana List:

  • Bhandaria
  • Kawkhali
  • Mathbaria
  • Nazirpur
  • Nesarabad
  • Pirojpur Sadar
  • Zianagar


Central transportations are launches, steamers for Pirojpur.  Barisal is the main hub. The nearest airport is in Barishal Babugang. Buses are also available. Most of them use Dhaka-Barisal launch route to arrive in Pirojpur.


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Pirojpur District on Google Map

All districts in the south are drained by the river and green all around.

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