Nafakhum waterfall at Remakri Thanchi Bandarban

Nafakhum waterfall at Remakri Thanchi Bandarban

Nafakhum waterfall (নাফাখুম) is at Remakri, Thanchi Upazila in Bandarban District. It is beautiful and one of the largest waterfalls in Bangladesh.

Nafakhum waterfall

At present, Nafakhum is a very popular tourist destination. Khum word has come from the Marma language.  Meaning is Waterfall.  The falls are known as “Niagara Falls” of Bangladesh.


Nafakhum is located on the wild hilly Sangu River in a remote area Thanchi. Nafakhum is also known as the Remakri waterfall.

How to Go

There has a direct bus service from Dhaka to Bandarban. Bandarban is the central hub. They need to change the bus. This bus will go up to Thanchi Upazila. The journey may take 2-3 hours. From Thanchi traveler has to hair a boat. There is a stopover in Tindu. It is a lonely place. From Tindu to Remakri, this is a 2-hour journey by boat. It is an engine boat. From Remakri to Nafakhum waterfall, the traveler has to go by walk. It is another 2-hour drive.

Total journey is not smooth, have a two-night halt at Tindu and Remakri. Tourist has to carry a tent and food with them. In winter season warm cloth should be carrying.

Short View of Journey

  • Dhaka to Bandarban by Bus
  • Bandarban to Thanchi By Bus local bus, (4 hours)  it may take TK.200/-
  • Thanchi-Tindu-Remakri By Engine Boat, It may cost 5000-6500/- BDT
  • Stopover at Tindu
  • Remakri-Nafakhum By Walk About 2-2.5 hours

When to go:

Going during the winter season is wise. The rainy season, there is a massive water flow of Shangu River and is a very dangerous journey, particularly in the Boro Pathor area.

It will be wise to go there during the winter season because in the rainy season there is a heavy flow of Shangu River and it is an extremely dangerous journey,

Where to stay

On the voyage, there is three stopovers. They are Thanci, Tindu,  and Remakri. At Thanci and Remakri, there is a rest house. It may cost TK.500/- to TK.600/- taka. At Tindu tourist have to use the tent and their food. There are some Tribal houses in Remakri to stay.

Police Security

Before you start the journey for the Nafakhum waterfall, Voyager needs to list their name at Thanchi Thaana. They need identification to prove, like voter ID or passport. So carry a photocopy of that with an original one. There is also a BGP check post also.



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