Moheshkhali Island is on the Bay of Bengal Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh

Moheshkhali Island is on the Bay of Bengal Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh

Moheshkhali Island is on the Bay of Bengal under Cox’s Bazar district in Bangladesh. Aditinath Temple is here. It has an area of 268 square kilometers.

About Moheshkhali Island

It is the only rocky island in Bangladesh. The island is famous for its tranquility and immense beauty. Ocean on one side and mountains, on the other hand, create a heavenly atmosphere. The beauty of the island attracts thousands of local and foreign visitors every year.

The beauty of Moheshkhali Island will fascinate you. There are many breathtaking things that you will be able to enjoy. Amazing mangrove forest covers the island. Hilly areas, salt fields, beaches, shrimp firms, colorful temples and pagodas, and Rakhine villages will create an unforgettable atmosphere. You can see the Adinath temple. It is a beautiful and famous temple. The temple locates on the Adinath hill. In Phalgun, visitors can enjoy the colorful fair.

How to Go

You have to reach Cox’s Bazaar at first. It is 394 kilometers away from Dhaka. It will cost you 8 hours to come to the site. If you choose the airway, it will require only 55 minutes. Form Gabtoli bus terminal, the distance is 380 kilometers. You will need 7 and a half hours to reach the site. From Chittagong, the distance is only 18 kilometers. You will need only 1 hour to reach the place.

Accommodation and Food

There are many good quality hotels in Moheshkhali Island. You may consider Hotel Zakaria International Limited or Hotel Abakash. They are both cheap and affordable. You will be able to enjoy the sea foods and exotic foods.

Nearby Tourist Spots

You can visit- Buddhist temples, Adinath hill, Adinath Temple, Haria Chora, Pakua, Matarbari, and Sea beach. You will not need much time to visit them.

It is a place of natural beauty. You will certainly enjoy the beauty of this hilly area. The main focus of the is Aditinath Temple.



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