Lakshmipur Tourist Places and Attractions in Bangladesh

Lakshmipur Tourist Places and Attractions in Bangladesh

Lakshmipur Tourist Places are  Ramganj Ansar Battalion, Sreerampur Rajbari, and more. Mosque and Mazar are the main archaeological heritage of the place.

Lakshmipur or Laxmipur is a District under Chittagong Division. It is surrounded by Chandpur to the north, Bhola and Noakhali to the south, Noakhali to the east, and Barisal and Bhola to the west. Main rivers are Meghna, Dakatia, Katakhali. The district was established on 28th February 1984. Protege’s arrived here in 1500 century. There was a cargo port in Laksmipur. From Asian and African cargo ships anchored in this port. Our national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam visited Lakshmipur town in June 1926.The place is famous for coconut and betel tree. Tourist can find really enjoy if the travel the site.


Lakshmipur Tourist Places

The district has 5 Subdivisions. The Upazilas under this district are Lakshmipur Sadar, Raipur, Ramganj, Ramgati, and Kamalnagar Upazila. Here is a list of top famous tourist Spots and attractions for visitors.

  • Lakshmipur Sadar
  • Abdullahpur Jami Mosque
  • Dayem Shah Mosque
  • Dalal bazar Khoa Sagar Lake
  • Dalal Bazar Math
  • Khoa-Sagor Dighi
  • Mita Khan Mosque
  • Majupur Matka Mosque
  • Madhu Banu Mosque
  • Neelkuthi Bari
  • Zamindar Bari at Dalal Bazar
  • Tita Khan Jami Mosque
  • Ramganj
  • Kachua Dargah
  • Harishchar Dargah
  • Kanchanpur Dargah
  • Pancha-Ratna Math at Lakshmidhar Para
  • Sreerampur Rajbari
  • Ramganj Ansar Battalion
  • Sreerampur Rajbari
  • Shyampur Dayra Sharif
  • Raipur
  • Kerwa in Raipur
  • Three domed Zeener Mosque  (18th century) at village Keroa,
  • Zamindar Bari at Shayestanagar
  • Ramgati
  • Asram of Bura Karta
  • Bedar Boksh Mosque
  • Rani Bhabani Kamada Math
  • Kamalnagar
  • মতিরহাট মাছঘাট
  • কমরেড তোয়াহার স্মৃতিসৌধ
  • Others
  • Azim Shah Daerah Sharif
  • Bara Mosque
  • Coconut and betel tree (Areca Catechu) garden
  • Dutta Para chowdhury Bari
  • Dhola Kandi Mosque
  • Kalikapur Fakir Vita
  • Kamala Sundari Dighi
  • Kamala Sundari Lake
  • Komol Nagor Hafijul Hoque Patowary Bari
  • Lawrance Bazar Baitul Aman Mosque
  • Machhum shah Fakirer Mazar
  • Miran Shah Majar
  • Moju Chowdhuri Hat
  • Motka Mosque
  • Motir Hat Mach Ghat
  • Nager Lake
  • Oidara Dighi
  • Puro Children Park
  • Rani Bhabani Kamada Math of Ramgati
  • Rainpur Chunun Tea Zamindar Bari
  • Sanaton Hori Shava and Zadalyrur Asram
  • Sahapur Neel Kuthi
  • Sahapur Saheb Bari
  • Saifia Darbar Sharif
  • Samitir Hat Cyclone Center
  • Shayesta Nagor
  • Srigovinda Mahaprabhu Jeu Akhra
  • Sufala Tank (Tank)


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