Kushtia Tourist Spots Bangladesh Birth place of Lalon

Kushtia Tourist Spots Bangladesh Birth place of Lalon

Kushtia Tourist Spots are Lalon Sha Mazar,  Rabindranath Kuthibari and more. The district is under Khulna division of Bangladesh.

Kushtia District Information

The District locates in west part of Bangladesh. It is famous for Lalon birthplace. It was a part of Nadia District at the time of British India. The administration was established in 1947. This districts famous for Shilaidaha Kuthibari and Lalon shrine. There was a township and river port during Emperor Shahjahan. Kushtia municipality was established in 1869.

Local people called the town Kushtay (Kushte). Kangal Horinath, Bagha Jatin, Mir Moshoraf Hussion are from this district. Jute is known as Kusti, from Kusti, the name Kushtia has come. The district is separated in 1984 from Chudangha and Meherpur. Postal Code is 7000. NWD Code is 071. Official website is www.kushtia.gov.bd.


Main rivers are Ganges, Garai, Mathabhanga, Kaliganga and Kumar river.


Rajshahi, Natore, Pabna are to the North Chuadanga, Jhenaidah districts to the South Rajbari is to the East, and by West Bengal and Meherpur District to the West.


Upazilas are Kushtia Sadar, Kumarkhali, Daulatpur, Mirpur,Bheramara, and Khoksa.

Weather Temperature

Highest average temperature is 37.8°c Celsius. Lowest average temperature is 11.2 °c Celsius. The average amount of rainfall is 1,467mm.

Kushtia Tourist Spots

There are many interested tourist historical places in Kushtia to visit.

  • Kushtia Sadar
  • Jhaudia Mosque (Mughal period)
  • Swastipur Mosque (Shayesta Khani period)
  • Kushtia City Municipality House
  • Shaheed President Ziaur Rahman Shishu Park (Kushtia Sadar)
  • Mohini fabrics Mill
  • নফর শাহের দরগাহ।
  • ঝাউদিয়া শাহী মসজিদ।
  • ইসলামী বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়।
  • রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুরের টেগর লজ।
  • Kumarkhali Upazila
  • Kangal harinath Majumdar’s Printing Press (1857)
  • Mir Mosharraf Hossain  House (Kumarkhali)
  • Kuthibari of Rabindranath Tagore (1862 – only 20km from Kushtia town)
  • Lalon Fakir Mazar (located at Cheouria, about 2 km from the Kustia railway station)
  • Baliakandi Shahi Mosque (Mughal period)
  • Kushulibash Shahi Mosque (Mughal period)
  • Miajan Kazi Jami Mosque (1840)
  • Tebaria three domed Mosque (1889)
  • Kumarkhali Bara Jami Mosque (1890)
  • Haji Mosque at’ Sherkandi (1887)
  • Batikamara Jami Mosque
  • Gopinath Mandir at Khorshedpur (1735)
  • Raja Sitram Math
  • Hardinge bridge (1912)
  • Lalon Setu
  • Khoksa Upazila
  • Kali temple
  • Neelkuthi
  • Daulatpur Upazila

    Hosenabad Rajbari

  • Neelkuthi at Mahishakundi
  • Refayetpur Zamindar Bari
  • Bheramara Upazila
  • Georgebari at village Chandipur (1889),
  • Jagatjanani Mandir.
  • Mirpur Upazila

    ড. রাধাবিনোদ পালের বাস্তুভিটা – তৎকালীন বৃটিশ সরকারের কলিকাতা হাইকোর্টের প্রধান বিচারক

How to Reach

District is 178 km far From Dhaka. Main Bus Terminals are Poradah Bus Stand, Amala Bus Stand, and Katlamari Bus Stand. Name of Train Station is Court Station. There are good transport communication with Dhaka to Kushtia mainly by bus and train. Nearest Airport is at Khulna.




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