Chuadanga Tourist Spots Bangladesh

Chuadanga Tourist Spots Bangladesh

Chuadanga Tourist Spots are Karpasdanga Neelkuthi, Thakurpur Mosque and more. The place is also famous for Keru wine company.

Chuadanga is a district under Khulna Division of Bangladesh. The Sadar town stands on the Bank of the Mathabhanga river. Main Rivers are Mathavanga,Naboganga, Vairab, Kumar, Chitra. The Zilla is in western part of the country. Previously is was known as “Gangaridhi.” It is  an alcohol production factory is located in the region. Tourist should not miss the place.  Chuadanga was turned into a district on 16 February 1984.

Chuadanga Tourist Spots

List of Top Chuadanga Tourist Spots

  • Alamdanga Railway Station
  • Chuadanga Circuit House
  • Chuadanga Bara Mosque – domed
  • Dingedah Bazar
  • Dorshana Rail Station
  • Ershad Baag and Fisheries
  • Dingedaha Meteri Fair
  • Gholdari Neelkuthi
  • Gholdari Mosque (1006 AD),
  • Hazar Duari School (Damurhuda)
  • Jamjami Mosque
  • Karpasdanga Neelkuthi
  • Karew and Company
  • Natudah Atkabar
  • Mazar of Khaza Malik-ul-Gaus (R)
  • Shibnagar Mosque
  • Thakurpur Mosque

Upazilas and Subdivisions

  • Alamdanga
  • Chuadanga Sadar
  • Damurhuda
  • Jibannagar

Border and Boundary

  • Kushtia district on the northeast
  • Meherpurr district on the northwest
  • Jhenaidah district on the south and southeast
  • India on the southwest.

Hotel and Accommodation

Mizan Resident Hotel is located at Alaldanga, Chuadanga main sadar. Hotel Al Meraj is in Court Road.




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