Bisnakandi is a place in Sylhet composed of water rocks gardens hills

Bisnakandi is a place in Sylhet composed of water rocks gardens hills

Bisnakandi lies at the Bangladesh-India border at Gowainghat Upazila in Sylhet. The place is famous for its landscape beauty. It is composed of water, rocks, gardens, and hills.

About Bisnakandi

Bisarakandi is the name of a village. It is at Rustampur Union of Gowainghat Upazila. Here, a lot of Khasi Mountains have met at the same point from both sides. In the rainy season, the site looks spectacular. The dark clouds hug the mountains in the rainy season. Bisarakandi is like a quarry.

You will find various kinds of stones over which water flows. The rainy season is the best time to visit the site. Water flowing over the stones gives a unique look. Winter is not a suitable time to visit the site. In winter, there will be a lot of stone-laden boats, Lorries, and mechanized mining. So, everyone should make the plan to visit the site in the rainy season.

How to Go

You can go to the site via Sylhet-Gowainghat road. After reaching Hadarpar you have to take a boat to reach Bisnakandi. You can go to Hadarpar by auto-rickshaws. You will get the autos at the Amberkhana point in Sylhet. One can reach the site going to Pangthumai first.

Bisarakandi is a border side area with spectacular natural beauty. The distance from Dhaka is 315 kilometers away. It is 25 kilometers away from Sylhet. The name of the Upazila is Gowainghat.

Accommodation and Food

There are many quality hotels where you can stay. You may consider- Hotel Gulshan or Hotel Dargah View. They are in the central town of Sylhet. Both local and exotic foods are available in these hotels.

Nearby Tourist Spots

You may also pay a visit to Madhabkunda waterfall, Lawacherra Rainforest, and Hummum falls at Jaflong, and Ratargul swamps forest.

We hope that the above information will help to visit the site the next time.



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