Bhawal Rajbari is a historical tourist place at Joydebpur of Gazipur

Bhawal Rajbari is a historical tourist place at Joydebpur of Gazipur

Bhawal Rajbari (ভাওয়াল রাজবাড়ী) is a historical tourist place. It is at Joydebpur of Gazipur district. It is the largest Zamindari estate in Bangladesh.

History of Bhawal Rajbari

The Bhawal Rajbari has an area of 579 square miles. It covers 2,274 villages with a population of around 500000. The capital of estate was Choira Meah Bari. The Zamindar Fazal Gazi lived here. He was one of the Baro-Bhuyans. The large mansion has around 350 rooms. The construction of the buildings follows modern design. At present, the government uses the buildings for official purposes. The site has historical importance. Hence, the government needs to take efforts to protect the estate from being occupied by local musclemen.

How to Go

Bhawal Rajbari is very near Rani Rashmoni School. There is a Naglingam tree in front of the gate. It is 52 km away from Saidabad bus station. You will need 1 hour and 42 minutes to reach the site. From the Gabtoli bus terminal, the distance is 34 km only. Hence, it will take 1 and a half an hour to reach the place.

The distance from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport is 22 km. Hence, it may require 50 minutes to reach the site. You will get the bus services from all parts of Dhaka. You have to reach the Joydebpur bus stand. From there, you will get autos to come to the site.

You need not stay there. It is possible to get back to Dhaka on the same day. However, if you have to stay, There are some Resorts near the place.

Nearby Tourist Spots

There are many tourist attractions in Gazipur. They are:

  • Bangabandhu Safari Park
  • Nuhas Palli
  • Jagroto Chorongi
  • Raniganj Neelkuthi
  • Jora Dighi

In conclusion, it is one of the famous historical sites in Bangladesh that needs preservation. Moreover, I hope that the discussion is this write-up will help you visit the site comfortably.



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