Bangla Gaan Music Songs of Bangladeshi and Indian Artist

Bangla Gaan Music Songs of Bangladeshi and Indian Artist

Bangla Gaan is a part of the life of Bengali people. Now for the availability of the internet, they can easily download any music without any cost.

Bangla Gaan

Bangla Gaan has a long history. Its root was in religion. Like Vajan and Kirton was the main subject of Bengali songs. Most of them are prayer songs for God or Goddess. Jaydeb was one of the first songs Lyric writer in Bengal at the time of Lakshman Sen. His subject was the love phase of Krishna and Radha.

A new theater was built in Kolkata in 1883. With the establishment of the first theater in Kolkata, Bengali folk song entered into a new era. The Panchali language was re-formatted, and the lyrics were popular. By the time the Bengali Renaissance had started. Rabindranath Tagore had opened aside. Then Dwijendralal, Rajanikanta Sen, and Atulprasad Sen make it richer.

There are some musical websites they will let you download Bangla Gaan for free, and they have a huge database of music in an alphabetical category. There are many legendary old and latest Bangla song lists in their store.

They have an excellent collection of albums Bengali songs. Like Lok Geeti, Nazrul Geeti, Rabindra Sangeet, Atul Prashad, Kishore, and so many top artist lists. One can also download any song within a second.

Bengali songs and music are the output of its fertile land. Nowadays modern Bangla songs like band music, Adhunik Gaan carry her culture into a new shape in Bangla Culture. Listen to Download Bengali Audio Songs and Music MP3. Now, most of the Bengali songs are available on Youtube with video.

It is important to check safety before downloading any songs from any websites. Before downloading songs from the internet, it is the ethical thing to check the copyright issue.

Bangla Music Download

Bangla Gan are in different categories. Many legend singers and writers have come and made rich Bengali songs and music. Classic and folk both have a great demand in the society. Here are some links to the famous category of Bengali music.

Gramophone Company

Gramophone Company had come to India in 1902. From that time music became an organized industry. Nazrul Islam produced over three and a half thousand songs for this Company over 22 years from 1920-42. By this period, Bangla Gaan has stored a lot of categories of songs.

Specific forms

  • Religious music
  • Hamd Naat Ghazal Jari gan Shreekrishna Kirtana Shyama Sangeet
  • Ethnic music
  • Agami-Vijaya Baul Bhatiali Bhawaiya Dhamail Gombhira Kavigan Maimansingha Gitika Sari gan
  • Traditional music
  • Rabindra Sangeet Nazrul Geeti Lalon Hason Raja

Every year, in the month of November, Bengal Foundation arranges a music festival at Dhaka Army Stadium for five long days. More than 50,000 people join that event.



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