Bagha Mosque is a great historical tourist place in Rajshahi

Bagha Mosque is a great historical tourist place in Rajshahi

Bagha Mosque (বাঘা মসজিদ) is at Bagha Upazila in Rajshahi. It is 40 kilometers southeast from the main town. The establishment year of the mosque is 1523. The place has a great history.

History of Bagha Mosque

It was a trading center in the past. The mosque is one of the most beautiful archaeological sites in Bangladesh. There is an ancient freshwater lake around the mosque. Old remnants and the graves of the saints are the major attractions. The sultan of independent Bengal established the mosque.

In the Mosque area, there is a turmeric tree and Banyan tree inside the compound. A big pond is with Mazar. In the local language, it is called Digi.

The name of the Sultan is Nasrat Shah. You will find the image of the mosque in the 50 Taka note. The mosque is rectangular. The height of the base is around 8-10 feet. The height of the structure is 75 feet. The width is 40 feet. There are archways that ensure ventilation in the mosque. You will find ten semicircular domes.

How to Go Bagha Mosque

It is about 240 kilometers away from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. It may take 6 hours to reach the site. The distance from Saidabad Bus Station is 230 kilometers. You will need 5 hours and 30 minutes to reach the place. From the Gabtoli bus terminal, the site’s distance is 216 kilometers through the Dhaka-Rajshahi highway. You will find many bus services to get to the site from Rajshahi city.

Address of the Mosque

The mosque located at Bagha in Rajshahi. It is 25 miles away from the town. There is no ticket need to view the site. It is open for all cast and religion.

Nearest Tourist Spots

There are many popular tourist attractions in Rajshahi. You may also consider visiting them. Nearest sites include- Badshahi Mosque, Bara Kuthi, Borendro Museum, Govinda Mandir, Gopal Mandir, Porsha Royal Palace, Puthia Rajbari Complex, and Dol Mancha, etc.

It is an amazing mosque with a unique design. The government must take steps to protect the remnant of the site.



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